Dental care for children under two years of age

Dental care for children under two years of age

Dental care for children under two years of age
Your sweet child’s smile will be more enjoyable with healthy and beautiful teeth. Taking care of milk teeth in children under two years of age is very important to have perfect teeth in adulthood. Your baby is growing fast and you need to start taking care of it before the first milk tooth starts growing in your baby’s mouth.

In this article, we try to introduce you, dear parents, to the importance of milk teeth and how to take care of them by giving appropriate and useful information.
Why are children’s milk teeth important?
You may ask yourself, why do we talk about the importance of baby teeth even though they are falling?

To answer, it should be said that milk teeth play an important role in a child’s mouth, including for eating, talking, smiling, etc. In addition to these things, baby teeth are very important to create space in the mouth for adult teeth. If these teeth are covered very soon and the child loses his milk teeth before the adult teeth grow, there may not be enough space when the new teeth grow and the order and order of the teeth will be a problem.

The best solution in these cases is to definitely consult with a good pediatric dentist to keep the right space for adult teeth to come in.

When does the baby’s first tooth grow?
The first milk teeth appear at about six months of age when the baby’s gums split. These teeth are usually his front teeth. The last teeth of the child usually grow at the age of three at the end of the mouth and in the upper jaw. At this age, your child will probably have 10 teeth on the top and 10 teeth on the bottom of his mouth.

When should your child visit the dentist for the first time?
Parents can go to the dentist when the child is at a younger age (before the first tooth erupts or immediately after the first tooth erupts), but experts usually suggest that the child at least six months after the first tooth erupts and at most 12 months after It should be visited by a pediatric dentist.

At this time, the dentist will give you information about the following:

Child tooth decay
Infant feeding practices
Cleaning the mouth and gums
Pacifier eating habits
Finger sucking habits
Teeth growth stages

Since children are very imitative, you can use this feature and brush and floss in front of your child every day and make the child intuitively see the importance of good habits in you. As soon as your child shows interest in doing this, get him a special toothbrush and encourage your toddler to brush with you. (Toothbrushes with a short handle that a child can easily hold).

Most children do not have the skills to thoroughly clean their teeth until they are about six or seven years old, so you must accompany and help your child.

The importance of children’s oral and dental hygiene is so great that we suggest fun brushing methods such as:

Flavored toothpaste
Preparation of the toothbrush of the child’s favorite character
Singing while brushing teeth

The main goal of doing these activities is to instill healthy habits in the child at a young age so that the child has healthy and decay-free teeth as an adult.

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