Limit eating sweets!

Limit eating sweets!

Limit eating sweets!

The amount of sugary foods and drinks should be controlled and limited. Otherwise, it may cause many problems for the child. Because in addition to obesity, other problems will follow in the future.

Because every time they eat sweet foods, the plaques stay on the teeth for an hour and attack them. Imagine that the child ate sweets and went to sleep without brushing his teeth, from the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep, the teeth are under the attack of these sugars.

In short, a good diet is essential from birth. Water and milk are the best things to give them during the day. Sweet drinks such as juices should be limited to meals.

Try not to give sweets and chocolates to your children as gifts. Raising them with sweets and chocolates only harms them and becomes a permanent habit in them.

Usually, a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, fresh fruits and vegetables gives children a chance of reducing dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay throughout their life. Try to inculcate the alphabet of oral and dental hygiene in your children from childhood.

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